Martha Stewart mentions Anders Ruff Bee Day Designs!

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We were SO excited when watching Martha on the Hallmark Channel yesterday.
Martha Stewart mentioned Anders Ruff and showed our photograph from Pierson’s Bee day!


Here is the proof!

We are busy, busy around here and have some really fun projects in the works.
We also will have some beautiful parties/photography to show soon!


Our trip to NYC for the Dreamers into Doers event!

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Whew! What a whirlwind of a week. We spent this past week in NYC attending the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers event. 75 talented women entrepreneurs in one room – along with fabulous speakers (one being MARTHA herself!).

As you saw from Adria’s previous post – we got there in 1 piece… after a flight of me getting ill :-(

Here is our NYC trip journal:

Day 1 of the trip:
8:30 am Taping of a LIVE Martha Stewart Show
Lunch presentation
12:30 Workshops
Dinner w/ some party girls

While we were waiting for The Martha Stewart show to start, we met the most fabulous girl – Lindi of Love The Day. She is the sweetest thing and we totally hit it off. We have a lot in common and she was a blast to be with during the trip.

(above) Lindi, Adria and me in the Martha Studio ready for taping!

(Above) Adria and Maureen waiting for the show
LOVE seeing that Martha sign…. SO COOL!

We were in the front row of the seating!

Here Martha is with Joey after the show. Joey is seriously funny!

Isn’t this SO cool!? We would LOVE to be on the Martha Stewart show someday!

After the show….
We headed over to Martha’s offices and hung in the hallways of Martha’s design offices. Here we are with the fabulous Caitlin Losey. Thanks to Caitlin, this event was a success!

(Below) Here we are with Danielle of A Few of My Favorite Things. She was one of our favorite things of this trip ;-). SUCH a sweet girl and we just love her!

Lindi of Love the Day is in the yellow – we TOTALLY hit it off with her.

We got to have a fabulous lunch and meet some of the other party girls that we know from online. Then we got to attend some great presentations in Martha’s Photo Studio.

At the end of the day, we got to sit and listen to a talk with MARTHA herself and Susan Solomon.

Below is Martha with Susan L. Solomon, Co-founder of NY Stem Cell Foundation.

After the discussion, we got to have a photo taken with Martha.
My favorite photo is below…the one of us with Martha! (Thanks to Stacy of Scrumptious Swirls for having this fab pic taken – we are all SOOO happy)

Martha only took ONE photo before she left. I think the swarm of people scared her off (as it should have!) We were so lucky to get in the shot!

Then we headed off to dinner at the Oyster Bar with Courtney of Pizzazzerie. We then met up with some of the other fabulous girls….

We hung out at ACE – (Adria kept telling everyone to meet at AXE…. DUH!)
Here are some of the fabulous women business owners that we met and connected with while at the event….
(above – Left to right- Front) Rebecca of Fresh Chick Design Studio, Nancy of A to Zebra Celebrations, Stacy of Scrumptious Swirls, (us) Maureen Anders and Adria Ruff of Anders Ruff
(above – Left to right – Back) Andrea Alley, Courtney of Pizzazzerie, Andrea of Dolce Drive

Love those girls!

Day 2 of the Event:
10:15 am – Workshops
More workshops

Here we are outside the entrance to Martha’s design offices and test kitchens…

Pinch us – we got to meet some of the (amazing!) talent from Martha Stewart Living….
(above) Hannah Milman (SVP Exec Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Crafts)
(above) Terri Trespicio – Senior features editor for Whole Living Magazine

(Above) Sarah Carey of Martha Stewart Food…

Before we left, we made sure to get photos with some of the girls that we connected with.

(above) Maureen, Rebecca of Fresh Chick Design Studio, Jill of Modern Cupcake, Adria.
Jill and Rebecca were SO cute. I just love how playful and fun they are. I just wish we were closer (They are all the way in AZ!) Dying to try one of Jill’s fabulous cupcakes. We are determined to get her to ship us some! 😉 Stay tuned for that!

(above) Rebecca of the Fresh Chick Design Studio!
Rebecca has an amazing personality (so funny) and has a great sense of fashion. She is a “real” person who is all about helping others. I could just tell from meeting her that we would get along great. Just seeing her put a smile on our face!

(above) Kim of The Celebration Shoppe.
Kim is SUCH a thoughtful and kind person. She is the type of person we would consider a “true friend”. She is also a genius business women with a really good head on her shoulders.

(above) Nancy of A to Zebra Celebrations
Nancy seriously always had a smile on her face. She seemed truly grateful for this opportunity and was a lot of fun to talk to.

(above) Courtney of Pizzazzerie.
This girl has energy! I can see why her blog and facebook posts are so exciting and lively! Courtney is seriously full of pizzazz and she is a SUPER fun person to talk to! Her mom was attending as well and is the SWEETest lady ever!

(above) Stacy of Scrumptious Swirls
Stacy is a ball of fun. She is so enthusiastic and fun to be around. She is super passionate about her work and meeting new people. We just LOVE her (and her cookies!)

3 Favorite things about this trip:

1) Being able to tour Martha’s corporate headquarters/design offices. I loved just “taking in” all of the creativity from her office building. It was so awesome to see the different sections of her office where people from every aspect of Martha’s brand design and create. REALLY cool to see the designer’s desks and what they have up on their bulletin boards. We got to walk by the test kitchens, stock rooms and prop areas… SO amazing! I was like a kid in a candy store, seriously.

2) Attending a live taping of Martha’s show! It is so neat to see the “behind the scenes” from her studio and what happens to make a show successful. Got to meet JOEY and her production staff were so friendly and “together!” What a great team she has.

3) Meeting other women entrepreneurs that we have networked with online for months! I loved meeting them all in person and figuring out if their “online personality” matches them in person. Most of them were exactly as I would expect. A few were Totally different from what I expected! Pretty interesting! We build some relationships that will last and we are forever thankful for this opportunity.

Thank you to the Martha Stewart team for hosting us. We had the most fabulous time!
Hope to be back soon!

Sneak Peak- Martha Stewart – Dreamers Into Doers Event

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{Sneak Peak} From our most AMAZING trip yet!!!
If any of you have been watching facebook/twitter, you should know by now that Maureen & I were able to attend the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers Event this week.
We flew out Monday night to be able to attend her conference and a live taping of her show (Tuesday and Wednesday of this week).

Here are a couple sneak peaks from our trip – We will have a full write-up on Monday (1.24), with more photos from the live taping, and conference so you can see all of the FABULOUS women we met this week.

These are just a few “fun” photos to share….
Maureen and I ready for “take-off” on the plane Monday night…. (Maureen gets motion-sickness on planes – and those little puke-bags were designed just for her)… sorry M, had to tell everyone – it’s just too funny

Here we are at the live taping…. waiting to go into the studio!

Martha talking to the audience during the show…
Martha speaking at the conference….

Stay tuned for more on our Martha Stewart Dreamers Into Doers Event!

Dream a little dream….

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Maureen and Adria are in New York City today at Martha Stewart’s “Dreamers Into Doers” event. I wonder what they are doing right now?! Are they chatting with Courtney Dial of Pizzazzerie? Are they trading tips with Kim Stoegbaeur of The TomKat Studio? Are they meeting….MARTHA??? I know that we will hear (and read) all about their trip on Facebook and right here on the blog when they return.

Typically I write up a party to post; however, today, I wanted to share with you one of the most imaginative blogs I have had the privilege of reading, Mila’s Daydreams. Mila’s mother, Adele, in her own words…”This is my maternity leave hobby. While my baby is taking her nap, I try to imagine her dream and capture it.” As I try to imagine what fabulous things Maureen and Adria are up to in the Big Apple, take a peek at what Adele imagines her sweet baby Mila is dreaming of…

Of course all of these photographs are superb. Which one is your favorite? Mine is the baby bunny…

Thank you Adele, for sharing with us your amazing pictures of Mila.

Maureen and Adria Head to NYC to Attend Martha Stewart Event!

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It wasn’t long ago that we took this photo – 2 months ago, to be exact!
Well, we will be in the same spot in about 24 hours!

We will be out of town for a few days this week.
We are headed to NYC for a Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers event at her studios! This is such an incredible opportunity and we are so thankful!

Can’t wait to share more details upon our return! We get to attend a taping of her show on Tuesday morning – not sure when it airs, but we will keep you posted.

Stay tuned this week later for details. Thanks to Caryn, Becky and Carrie for holding down the fort while we are gone 😉

NYC / Martha Here we Come

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This photo was from when Adria and I were in NYC in December for the party Zulema was holding for Nick’s 50th birthday. (You will see the photos this week! Amazing!) We loved helping set the dessert table and meeting Zulema and her sister at the party, Yesi (who is also a super fabulous client of ours)!

We just had to get a pic in front of Martha’s studios – hoping that we would be back someday soon!…. (Thanks, Suysel, for taking the pic!)

Well, we are headed BACK to NYC on Dec 17th for the Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers 2011 event. We are so excited to attend this workshop! We get to meet some fabulous party people that we network with every day online.

This photo was taken from Zulema’s party at the top of Trump Soho!

Can’t wait to share details from the NYC trip to Martha’s studios. We are excited to see a taping of the show, too! We are so thankful for this amazing opportunity!

Happy New Year!

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Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

Happy New Year to all of our clients, followers and friends. Thank you so much for your support!

xoxo Maureen, Adria, Carrie, Caryn & Becky

Anders Ruff Featured as Martha Stewart’s Doer of the Week!

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Adria and I are SO ecstatic right now. Anders Ruff has been featured on Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers website as the “Doer of the Week“! We have been “Anders Ruff” for only 11 short months and are so thankful for this opportunity.

When we received the request for an interview – we danced with joy! (really – we DID – have you seen our facebook lately?)

Martha Stewart has been our inspiration for as long as we can remember, and this is such a privilege to be featured for a full week on Martha’s Dreamers Into Doers Website.

We can’t begin to express how thankful we are for all of our readers, fans, clients, friends, family and supporters all over. We look forward to the next year to come!

Maureen and Adria

Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who Will Have The Best Halloween Party Of All?

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Today is October 12th and there are exactly 19 days until Halloween. In other words, there are 19 days left to host a fabulous Halloween party using Anders Ruff Custom Designs printable packages available here.

In addition to my printable party collection from Anders Ruff Custom Designs, how should I decorate for my Halloween party? Well, after purchasing one of our Halloween printable packages, here are some additional ideas courtesy of the craftacular, Martha Stewart. Donuts and cider anyone?

What can guests do at my Halloween party? Knock, knock…Martha, are you home…or are you out on the farm walking Francesca and Sharky? Here are some fabulous ideas from you guessed it…Martha Stewart: Pin the face on the pumpkin!

What can I serve for my guests at my Halloween party? Check out this awesome Halloween recipe collection from Better Homes & Gardens: A Frankie cupcake!

Happy planning for your spooky celebration! Make sure to send us pictures. We love seeing what our readers come up with using our collections.

P.S. Our Pink-O-Ween collection is 50% off, and for every package purchased during the month of October, Anders Ruff will donate $2.00 to Team Pinkoween to benefit Susan G. Komen.


Christmas in September! Now Available!

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As some of you know – we did a giveaway last week to celebrate our newest Christmas collections:
These packages have several DIY printable items – see below
These packages have over $275 retail worth of graphic designs and includes:
– 2″ Graphic Square or Circle Party Logos – for cupcake toppers, stickers, envelope seals, food sticks and more!
– 2″ Greetings Square or Circle Party Logos
– 10 Hang Tag Designs – for gift bags, cookie exchange packages, wrapped gifts
– 20 Gift Tag Designs – for wrapped presents, cards, gift bags
– Circle Garland Designs – for creating banners, door signs, mirror and window decorations
– 8 Rectangular Display Cards (tent style) – for folding food tents, gift cards, buffet labels, dessert tables, cookie trays, enclosure cards
– 2 Wine Bottle Wraps
– 6 Mini candy Bar Wrapper Designs
– 16 Square personalized display cards (tent style) – 2 patterns – personalized with the labels – Christmas cookies, egg nog, cupcakes, hot cocoa, bon bons, candy canes, holiday treats and holiday spirits.
– 4 Versions of Square Display Cards (tent style) – Folding tents for food displays, cookie trays, dessert tables, gift cards.
– 10 Water / Drink bottle wraps – perfect for personalizing water bottles, soda bottles or glasses.


Each collection appeals to so many types of Christmas decorations/packages/decor!
Maureen designed the Classic Holiday Design Collection with our favorite red & green traditional colors and graphics mixed with a modern feel . . .
This would be great for The Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware Christmas decorators!
I designed the Vintage Holiday Design collection with our favorite antique glass bulb colors (including pink & aqua) and graphics mixed with a fresh take on old favorites!
This would be great for the Christopher Radko Shiny Brite Lovers or those who have kept grandma’s glass bulbs hand down for generations!
We are going to be working on photoshoots soon, so you can see how to print & turn these fun graphic designs into so much more!!!
In the meantime – here are some tabletop Christmas trees I could envision setting up with a table of goodies along with our fun printables!

top left – Martha Stewart; top right – Barry Dixon; Bottom two – Martha Stewart

Our Christmas Printable Packages are now 50% through October 15th! Purchase now, while they are on sale!!!

Summertime treats – what is your favorite?

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With the end of summer drawing near, I just had to share a few of my favorite summertime treats….

Make your own popsicles!

I am dying to get one of these… ZOKU quick pop… popsicle maker. Makes a frozen popsicle in under 7 minutes!

I’m all about making healthy items seem like a treat for my kids! Love this idea…Frozen fruit skewers with a yogurt honey dipping sauce (reminds me of Pierson’s first bee day – I made honey yogurt dip for the fruit and served it in a honey bear container ;-))
How about these cute and yummy banana split pop treats:

Sweet Mini cupcake desserts that are topped with a yummy scoop of gelato. What a fancy way to serve ice cream cake! Spotted at Martha, of course!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

DIY and Recipes: Halloween Treats

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I am just in the mood to plan Halloween for some crazy reason! We just got back from Charleston, SC and my husband (J) and I usually go in the fall. I love Charleston Ghost tours! I guess that is what got me in the mood for Halloween – all the fun memories!

I came across this inspiration board on Tastefully Entertaining and had to share. Quite the collection of great treats to make for a Halloween party!

I can see the sandwiches being “picked” with our logos from our Happy Halloween Collection! (Which is still 50% off right now in the shop!)
Easy, fun and cheap!

These are from Martha Stewart:

Halloween party picks in sandwiches
Sweetly packaged cookies
Chocolate Fig Pumpkins
Ladies’ Fingers and Men’s Toes (eww!)
Ghoul’s Graveyard cake
Chocolate Witch Hats
Tombstone Cupcakes
I Scream Ice Cream
Orange and white candy buffet

Birthday Party Hats with Poms

…so we had many comments come in about our party hats from Grayce’s party last week – and I wanted to give you a quick “How To” make them. They were sooo easy and they are such a fun element to add to your party details!

Here are the basic concepts:
1. Cut out the template – make it as large as you can on an 8.5×11 piece of paper
2. Trace onto your pattern paper
3. Tape or glue sides together
4. Leave open hole at top
5. Tie your tissue pom* with a long ribbon – you need to be able to tie this ribbon or string around your neck…. so make it long!
6. Feed strings from pom through the hole
7. Tape the strings to the inside of hat on each side

*Tissue Poms:
{We used 20” x 20” sheets of various shades of tissue paper}
1. Layer 4 pieces of tissue paper
2. Fan fold them together, 3/4” wide until there is no more paper left to fan-fold.
3. Cut fan-fold into thirds – approx 6.66” long (3 each)
4. Tie each shortened fan-fold in half with a really long ribbon/string
5. Round off each end of fan-fold with scissors
6. Gently peel apart each layer of tissue until it forms a pom

You can find more images and tutorials for the poms on Martha Stewart Weddings.

If there are any more projects you would like us to explain further, please let us know – we are happy to share DIY projects with you!!!

Featured on Martha Stewart’s Dreamers Into Doers – Part 2

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…So two days in a row – being featured on Martha’s dreamers into Doers website!

Yay!!! This time she featured these cute peanut butter bees that Maureen made for her son’s first Beeday Party!

(We sell the invitations & other matching items . . . check them out if you haven’t already! – so cute!!!)

Onto my latest Martha find! I picked up the summer Weddings magazine two days ago (it is by far one of my favorite magazines, even if I have been married for 12 years)!

I saw the cutest party banner & food labels that they made out of vintage fabric for a wedding, and then showed how to do it out of paper . . . Take a look!

Once I saw the colors, and patterns I had to draw something up…. I was inspired immediately!

(I’m giving you a sneak peak as to how our design process works)

At this point all I have is ric-rac, zigzag stitching, patterns for a scalloped banner, and grosgrain ribbon.

What to do next? This is where the fun begins . . . I will definitely make a DIY printable party banner – however, I will want to offer a matching party invitation. I haven’t started the invite yet, so I thought it would be fun to ask our readers, what type of invite you think I should design? Wedding Invite, Birthday Invite, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Party Package . . .

I would love to hear your comments – if anyone can give me a great suggestion that I use for this collection, I will give you a version of the invite design (like a blank notecard design or something), that you can use down the road!!!)

Can’t wait to hear your feedback!!!! ~Adria

AR Featured on Martha Stewart’s Dreamers Into Doers – Part 1

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….Always a good day when you check your email and find out that your work is being featured on Martha Stewart!!!

We just joined Martha’s dreamers into DOERS website (literally… we were accepted onto their website yesterday), and they featured our Sweet Celebration Collection photo today!
We couldn’t be more thrilled… especially because Martha is a HUGE inspiration for our work!!!

Stay tuned because tomorrow, I am going to post my latest Martha find…. which we will put our “spin” on, and create for our shop!

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