Jeffrey’s Modern Lego Party Sneak Peek

I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July!

As you know, a couple weeks ago was my son, Jeffrey’s, 6th birthday. The theme was Modern Lego! I had so much fun planning this party and can’t wzait to share details.

All the photos will be seen soon, but I just had to share one of me and my sweet boys (eating their sweets) as well as a fun shot of Jeffrey in the Lego photobooth.

We have a busy week ahead here at Anders Ruff….
Can’t wait to share the next couple photoshoots along with the Lego Party details SOON!


Anders Ruff 4th of July Pinwheels Party

We recently had a big going away party for a friend who was moving to Italy. We themed the party “Americana” to celebrate their time in the states.


We decided to work out 4th of July collection into the shoot because the theme, colors and details worked so perfectly for any summer or 4th of July BBQ or party.


The party was held at the Village Hall in our community – a building that has classic white southern architecture. The white woodwork on the terrace was a beautiful backdrop to make our colors “pop”!

For the printable graphic accessories that embellish items throughout the party, we mixed in the traditional red, navy and white with some accents of aqua and kraft. Some of the graphics have a “distressed” feeling, making it feel like a classic American Fair. Pinwheels and firecrackers give off the vibe of summer and celebration.

We mixed in modern patterns to give it a fresh feel.

This collection was designed to be versatile for any summer BBQ or 4th of July celebration.


All the eye candy and then LOADS of details below . . .

Dessert Display Shelf/Table Details

– A navy with white modern dot backdrop was paired with a classic white table cloth and a kraft paper (from Nashville Wraps) overlay to make it less “formal” and give off the vibe of a true American fair celebration.

– Galvanized metal has a role throughout the entire party, but in small doses. We hung galvanized metal lanterns from the ceiling above the dessert table. We used thick ribbon to hang these and pull in some color from the table below.

– The printable pennants from our collection were printed and strung with twine on the front of the dessert table.

– The cake (by Mandie of Got What It cakes) was an amazing classic white butter cream cake that was tiered and loaded with bright pinwheel decor. A fat red and white gingham ribbon was wrapped around the base of each tier. Fondant pinwheels were also stacked on the top of the cake as well. From a distance, the pinwheels have the feel of “fireworks” because of how they were staggered, but up close they were pinwheels to tie in with the theme.

– On either side of the cake was a glass container filled with aqua sprinkles and a bouquet of unicorn pops in the aqua and white colors. We bunched the lollis together and used twine to tie them into a bunch. These were beautiful and they were packaged great because even after guests would one to enjoy, the twine kept the remaining bunched and still looking spectacular.

– In between the cake and the cupcakes, were staggered double stacked SOUP cans that we wrapped with printable patterned paper and embellished with ribbon. (Great DIY project!) We made chocolate covered marshmallows in the red and aqua and white colors and dipped them partly in sanding sugar of the opposite color. (DIY) They were stuck into the cans and natural kraft shred was filled into the can.

– We found cherry red hat boxes at Ikea and tiered them on the sides of the dessert table to act as the cupcake stands.

– Cupcakes were adorned with pinwheels that we made using our patterned papers in our collection. The cupcakes also had a solid white wrapper (from Bella Cupcake Couture) that was embellished with a printed party logo.

– The “All American” caramel apples were sitting on top of the cupcake tiers with a printed party flag. The apples were beautifully drizzled with red and light aqua chocolate (made by Pretzels Pleaze).

– Cookie pops (by Oh! So Yummy) were made to look like pinwheels in our bright aqua, red and navy colorway. She used homemade fondant on the cookies and they were DELICIOUS! The cookies were stuck into long glass containers that we filled with red M&Ms and had a thick navy/white ribbon wrapped around.

– We lined white flat trays with red chocolate sunflower seeds and made white chocolate covered strawberries dipped in aqua sanding sugar (DIY)- perfect to tie into the theme of “red/white/blue” and “summertime”. We stuck a natural toothpick with a printed party flag into the tops of the strawberries for a festive look.

– Red/white/blue chocolate pretzels were also displayed in the center of the table on a bed of aqua non perils.

Side tables
– We had two tables with red/white modern dot fabric tablecloths on each side of the dessert table.
– One side table held all of our beverages including aqua lemonade in a glass dispenser. We also found perfect glass bottles with sparkling water and aqua metal lids. We tied twine around the necks of the glass drink bottles and wrapped with our printable drink wrap.
– Drink wraps were added to our water bottles and displayed on the kraft paper overlay.
– Popcorn was displayed in a red galvanized container as well as wrapped napkins with our printable pattern paper wrap to tie in the patterns from the collection.
– The second side table held another display of treats and favors.
– Here we displayed more cupcakes in a red galvanized tiered stand.
– Pinwheel cookies in M&M filled vessels were displayed along with bagged cookies for the guests to take home.
– We displayed kraft paper coffee bags (Nashville Wraps) with a clear window for the guests to fill up with treats to take home.
– White chocolate stars were displayed with some fondant pinwheel embellishments.
– Favor tins with clear tops (Nashville wraps) were filled with red, white and aqua candies and wrapped with twine. A printed party logo was displayed on the top of the container. The kids were so excited to take treats home from the party.
– (DIY) Smores kits were made for all of the guests to take and enjoy in the fire pit. we wrapped up hershey bars, marshmallows and graham crackers in a cellophane bag (Nashville Wraps) and topped it off with a printable bag topper from our collection. The kids LOVED this!
– (DIY) We had sparklers and matches that were embellished to coordinate. Our collection includes a Sparkler insert that the sparklers were inserted into for easy display. We wrapped the match boxes with printed pattern paper and ribbon. These were also displayed in the patterned paper wrapped soup cans.
Guest Tables


– We displayed our tables to coordinate with the dessert and accent tables.
– White tablecloths with the kraft paper runner were shown on all tables.
– The centerpieces consisted of patterned paper wrapped soup cans (DIY) that were filled with the chocolate dipped pretzel rods inside natural kraft shred and tied with a twine band. Chocolate apples with printed flags were also shown.
– Galvanized tins were filled with red tissue and popcorn.
The guests had a blast and enjoyed food (Outback Steakhouse brought a grill to make ribs, chicken and hot dogs!) and music that was DJ’d by Caryn’s husband, Andy.
The guest of honor enjoyed dressing up in an adorable red/white blue outfit (tutu and tank from Sweet Things, hair accessory from Tadpole and Lily) and loved modeling for the camera with her friends that were also in red/white/blue.

The 4th of July Pinwheels Printable Design Collection
is available in our shop for 50% off until June 26th!
Complete Event Styling and Graphic Printable Design Collection by Anders Ruff
Photography by Becca Bond Photography
Candy here
Custom Cake and Cupcakes from Got What It Cakes
Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Gourmet Covered Apples from Pretzels Pleaze
Clothing and Accessories:
Tutu and Tank from Sweet Things Kids
Hair Accessory from Tadpole and Lily
Decor and Packaging:
Label Material from
Cupcake Wrappers from Bella Cupcake Couture
Cello Bags, Kraft Paper, Metal Favor Tins and Kraft Coffee Favor Bags from Nashville Wraps

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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We wish you all a very Happy Memorial Day Weekend.
Enjoy your time with friends and family and relax!
Becca Bond Photography – Caryn’s Daughter (above) from our recent photoshoot….

Below is one of my favorite kids rooms that was in House Beautiful.
Beautiful interior design by Ashley Whittaker.

My piece of art (paint chip collage) “United” is hanging on the wall
and I always think of this special piece of artwork
every year around Memorial Day and 4th of July.

Something about red, white and blue that just makes me smile!


Have a WONDERFUL and safe weekend!


Just a few simple, fun decorating ideas (from

Have a SWEET memorial Day!
(LOVE this idea)

4th Of July Pinwheels Collection: Sneak Peek!

We are SO excited to announce a sneak peek at our new collection
Introducing our 4th of July Pinwheels Collection
This theme has a special meaning to us – we helped with a going away party for a friend of ours, Mette. Her and her family were moving back to Italy and Caryn planned a big huge party with 100+ people. We styled it as an “Americana” theme to celebrate their time in the USA.
We figured why not make our 4th of July Collection at the same time?
So we pre shot some of the setup with our 4th of July collection.

Lots MORE photos to be released in the weeks to come…
but for now, so you can get a taste of the collection.…with these few photographs.



The collection includes some essential items like several fun circular favor hang tags,….




Loads of patterned papers, party flags, party logos, treat bag toppers (S’mores kits anyone?)




Drink wraps, sparkler inserts and more….



We are so excited about this collection!

– 2 Sheets of Square or Circle party Logos (8 logo designs)
– 1 Sheet of Drink wraps (5 designs)
– 1 Sheet of Favor/Gift Tags
– 1 Sheet of Blank Party Labels – Tent style
– 1 Sheet of Party Flags (3 styles)
– 1 Sheet of Sparkler Wraps
– 1 Sheet of Party Bag Toppers (tent style)
– 9 Sheets of Patterned Papers
– 1 Patterned Pennant Banner


Don’t forget that we also have a second collection
for 4th of July (as featured on Amy Atlas!)
The Classic 4th of July Collection is available 50% off as well in the shop!

The “4th of July Pinwheels” Collection is
available in the shop now
for 50% off!

PART THREE (of 3) – Super P Turns 3! A Vintage Pop Art Super Hero Party by Anders Ruff

Super P Turns 3
A Vintage Pop Art Super Hero Party
Part ONE The Dessert Table (Thursday‘s post)
Part TWOThe Candy Bar and Favor Table (Monday’s post)
Part THREE – The Action (Activities) (today’s post)

SUPER excited to share more of the Pop Art Inspired Super Hero party…

I’ve shared the dessert table, the candy bar and the favor table.
Today I am sharing the “action” portion of the party.


When the children arrived, they were given a “Super Logo” with their initial on it. (It was a sticker that they would adhere to their shirt) I had considered appliqueing shirts for all the kids, but I quit w/ that idea after finishing Pierson’s and Jeffrey’s 😉 Stickers were MUCH easier and they would be useful for one of the games (later on I’ll share)….

The children were pointed in the direction of the London Style “telephone booth” (That I made from a refrigerator box!). There they would transform from their secret identity to their SUPER HERO identity. All of the children were given capes and masks… (Kid Kapers is the BEST – she makes custom capes and masks!) They also had their Super Hero Logo sticker on their shirt…

Even the girls got into it! I was so excited to see them all pretending as well!
They loved their pink get ups!

Here is my sweet Jeffrey coming out from his transformation.

Who knew a box could be so much entertainment?

Here is Adria’s daughter….. (not sure where her super logo sticker went?)
Caryn’s sweet girls…

All of the tables were pre-set with place settings for each child.
I had made boxed lunches and put them in a white gable box (from Nashville Wraps!)
I adhered a sticker with a city scape on it for the kids to color (think “classy” McDonalds happy meal haha!)
The “callout / conversation bubble” says “Don’t forget to eat your veggies!” 😉
I designed luggage tags for all of the kids with their name on them. Those would signify where the children were to sit.

Each place setting had a black/white polka dot melamine plate (perfectly coordinating – from TARGET!), a water bottle (with our printable wrapper on it), and a cute little pop bottle with candies in it (Thought “POP” would be a good logo to put on those… the kids LOVED them!) Also, red/yellow/blue markers were placed at the tables for the kids to color their lunch boxes….
I wrapped plastic silverware with black/white polkadot napkins from Target and sealed it with one of our printable party logos.


Up close of the water bottle / drink wrap…

Pierson had a special seat 😉 He got an awesome reusable lunch bag from Urban Harmonie Designs.

What was on the menu? HERO sandwiches, of course. Labeled, of course!
Little fruit cups were served and they had “MMM” and “YUM”stickers on them…(in our printable collection!)

Next up – the coloring wall / graffiti wall….
I designed a skyline with some personalized touches like the big Super P Logo and some cute call outs….
This 135″ x 36″ tall poster wrapped under my bar in my kitchen and the kids were to “Color the wall with their favorite super color”…
This kept the kids busy! What kid wouldn’t want to color on the wall!?

By popular demand, we are now offering this customized printable coloring poster in our shop!
By the way, you can’t really tell…. but I wrapped my bar. I wrapped the edge of the granite with an aqua grosgrain ribbon and then fit a piece of black/white polkadot wrapping paper to the top portion so that the bar would “coordinate” 😉


Next up …. Pin the Super Logo on Pierson’s Super P!
I drew a pop art graphic poster of Pierson (remember, over the candy bar?)….
The kids were blindfolded and given a super hero logo sticker (with their initial – like the one they wore on their shirt)…. they had to pin their logo on Pierson’s logo….

Some were closer than others! 😉

We had a Photo Booth for the children to have their pictures taken. We made (DIY project) a fake barbell weight that the kids could pretend to be lifting over their heads. we also had handheld signs that said “Boom” and “Pow”. The backdrop was the polka-dot/benday dot pattern that was repeated on the dessert table. We also had a printed “conversation bubble” that was on the backdrop and it said “Happy 3rd Birthday Super Pierson”.
We got some funny shots
(don’t mind my ribbon stash at the top!) 😉
Jeffrey being “SUPER”.

I made a prop that was a barbell weight…. Jeffrey is SUPER strong!

Adria and I had to get in on the action before everyone arrived….

You’lll see that we had yellow/red/blue cardboard bricks that the kids enjoyed building walls and breaking through walls like a super hero.
We now offer professional printing on our big signs, posters and backdrops!

Adria’s daughters….

Caryn’s daughter….

Pierson was loving his mask and cape from Kid Kapers!

Super heros all over!

My boys before the party….

Super girls all over, too!

At cake time, we used plates that JoAnne of Oh Goodie Designs loaned me.
They were so SUPER!
That cake was just SO delish (Thanks, Mandie/ Got What It Cakes!)

Overall this was a SUPER party! Thanks to all of the fabulous dessert artists and vendors for their awesome products!

One of my fav shots…. 😉

– Event Styling, Graphic Design & Printables – Anders Ruff Custom Designs
– Photography – Becca Bond Photography

Party Props:
– Cupcake Wrappers – Bella Cupcake Couture
– Custom Capes and Masks – Kid Kapers
– Pop Art Eco Lunch Bags – Urban Harmonie Designs
– White Gable Boxes and Cello Bags – Nashville Wraps
– Label Material –
– Treat Bags – The Cupcake Social
– Popcorn and CB2 Pop Art Plates – Oh Goodie Designs
– Printable Party Elements: Tags, Labels, Favors, Invites, & More – Anders Ruff Custom Designs

– Custom Cake – Got What It Cakes
– Custom Cake Pops – Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats
– Chocolate Covered Oreos – Sweeties by Kim
– Cake Pops – Dreamin N’ Details
– Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Two Sugar Babies
– Sugar Cookies – The Cookie Jar
– “3” Lollipops – Vintage Confections

PART TWO (of THREE)- Super P Turns 3! A Vintage Pop Art Super Hero Party by Anders Ruff

Super P Turns 3
A Vintage Pop Art Super Hero Party
Part ONE The Dessert Table (Thursday‘s post)
Part TWO – The Candy Bar and Favor Table (today’s post)
Part THREEThe Action (Activities) (this week)

SUPER excited to share more of the Pop Art Inspired Super Hero party…

Last week I shared Part one of Super P Turns 3 (The dessert table details)

I left out a few fun photos from Part One (dessert table)…
Here are some fun ones of Adria and I…
dressed in our super hero capes that I made…

My son, Jeffrey, with his buddy Max… admiring the fantastic cake by Got What It Cakes.

Today I am sharing the Candy Bar and Favor Table from my little Pierson’s party.


As you heard in my “part one” of the Vintage Super Hero Party, POP ART is what inspired me for the printable graphics and design of this party. Roy Lichtenstein is one of my favorite artists, and so I wanted to incorporate his style of interpreting comics.

Below is the candy bar that was displayed at the party. We had so many treats, we had to have several “treat” tables….

I took a photo of Pierson wearing his mask and super hero costume and it inspired me to draw a pop art inspired poster of Pierson.
Below is the result of my illustration of Pierson in “Roy Lichtenstein” style pop art.

Thanks to Sign Guy for the awesome printing of this 36×36 poster!

Glassine bags with printable party logos on them were displayed at the candy bar for the children to fill up with treats. A conversation bubble sign was displayed that said “Thanks for saving Pierson’s 3rd birthday! Pack up some Super Treats and enjoy!”
With the Super Hero / Pop Art theme,
I focused on big city skyline graphics throughout the party.

It seemed only fitting to serve the candies in buildings!
I found these awesome squared vessels at TARGET of all places. I cut out squares of black cardstock and applied them to the containers to look like windows.
I then filled the containers with red, blue and yellow candies and treats (the color scheme)…

We served yellow M&Ms, red licorice, aqua sour straws, yellow/black boxes of Chiclets, yellow Harbaro gummies, blue old fashioned candy sticks, and more!


Audrey of Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats created these adorable cake pops for the party. I just love them! We served them on circular cutouts of printable paper.
We displayed our printable party labels with the name of each treat.
(available in our shop in the full printable package)


I made these layered jello shooters for the kids to pull in more of the colors from the party. The children loved them! (they were non-alcoholic, of course!). I stuck a Super P logo flag out of the treats.

Because I love these so much, I just had to share this shot again of the cupcakes (fondant toppers from Two Sugar Babies)
These were served on the white lacquer serving trays in the centers of the tables.

The layered jellos were also displayed….
Here are some shots of the kids enjoying the Candy Bar….
(LOVE the masks from Kid Kapers!)

My sweet little Jeffrey loading up…

My boys getting their treats… LOVE the capes from Kid Kapers!
Now, onto the Favor Table.
All of the children took home their personalized capes and masks,
but they also got some special treats from the candy bar and the favor table…


Adorable cookie pops were displayed in the lacquer boxes that I lined with patterned papers.
The Cookie Jar made the cookies and they were both beautiful and delish!
You can see the printable favor hangtags (available in our shop) attached the cookies that were wrapped in cellophane bags (from Nashville Wraps!)
JoAnne of Oh Goodie Designs sourced this adorable red/blue popcorn.
More of the fabulous cake pops from Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats were displayed as well….

We also displayed yummy cake pops from Dreamin N’ Details. We put cute little printable “POP” flags on the top of the cake pops. The guests loved nibbling on these!

The sprinkes were perfect for the party – they looked like little benday dots/pop art patterns…


Here is a pic of Grayce (Adria’s daughter), enjoying the party……Everyone was sure full of sweets and treats!
We were so happy to have such wonderful desserts!

Stay tuned this week for

Part THREE – The Action (Activities and DIY) (next week)

– Event Styling, Graphic Design & Printables – Anders Ruff Custom Designs
– Photography – Becca Bond Photography

Party Props:
– Cupcake Wrappers – Bella Cupcake Couture
– Custom Capes and Masks – Kid Kapers
– Pop Art Eco Lunch Bags – Urban Harmonie Designs
– White Gable Boxes and Cello Bags – Nashville Wraps
– Label Material –
– Sign Printing – Sign Guy
– Treat Bags – The Cupcake Social
– Popcorn and CB2 Pop Art Plates – Oh Goodie Designs
– Printable Party Elements: Tags, Labels, Favors, Invites, & More – Anders Ruff Custom Designs

– Custom Cake – Got What It Cakes
– Custom Cake Pops – Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats
– Chocolate Covered Oreos – Sweeties by Kim
– Cake Pops – Dreamin N’ Details
– Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Two Sugar Babies
– Sugar Cookies – The Cookie Jar
– “3” Lollipops – Vintage Confections

PART ONE (of 3) – Super P Turns 3! A Vintage Pop Art Super Hero Party by Anders Ruff

Super P Turns 3
A Vintage Pop Art Super Hero Party
Part ONE – The Dessert Table (today’s post)
Part TWOThe Candy Bar and Favor Table
Part THREEThe Action (Activities)
Well, here it is! I am sure most of you have seen the feature on Hostess with the Mostess.
(I was so “Super” excited to be featured on such an amazing party site!)….
Today I am sharing the dessert table from my little Pierson’s party.

Here is the background on how this theme and concept was formed…

Being in the “party business”, I (Maureen) always have a vision for what I’d love for my own childrens’ birthday parties, usually which doesn’t align with what they actually want. My son, Pierson, could not be talked out of having a “Super Hero” party. I am always trying to steer clear of commercial characters and I knew I could take the traditional “Super Hero” in a whole new direction.
I have always loved the striking and vintage aesthetic of Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art. I decided to have a Vintage Pop Art Super Pierson Party. (PS. Printables are now available in the shop!)
Most moms to boys end up having a super hero party of some sort, and I wanted to show that you can have a really interesting, cool and fresh and appealing party without having to use commercial characters.
For this party, the graphics helped to mold the decor throughout the whole party.
I designed a “Super P” graphic that would be repeated throughout the party. We also brought in some of the “icons” of super heroes – the traditional big city skyline. Patterns used throughout the party and graphics were representative of old comic books include halftone patterns as well as classic “benday dots” (Lichtenstein’s trademark). I designed the invitation below to help set the tone of the party. All of the elements on the invite would be carried out throughout the entire party. I embellished the envelope with a return address label that was a conversation bubble, and then a halftone pattern “to” label. (Both included in our complete printable package in our shop!)

We had some amazing dessert vendors and I can’t wait to share the eye candy from the dessert table! Photography from none other than Becca Bond Photography.

The main dessert table featured a large “Super P” logo on the black/white polkadot backdrop. (Printed by Sign Guy!) The table featured “buildings” of varying heights in the red/blue and white colors – these buildings reflected the graphics that we used on the printables. (I got boxes of all sizes at my local Home Depot, wrapped with large scale paper and embellished with windows using electrical tape and black cardstock punched with square punches)

The desserts were mainly displayed on very “pop” feeling lacquer white wooden boxes that had black etched trim. You will see more pieces from this set throughout the party tables.

The cake was made by the sweetest cake company! Got What It Cakes, which is owned by Mandie Miller. I was so thrilled when she found us on Martha’s site and we connected.

The cake couldn’t have been more perfect. Mandie put a conversation bubble with “YUM” at the top. How PERFECT!? The skyline coordinates perfectly with the invitation and then the 2nd tier being the benday dot inspired pattern.

The best thing about it – the cake was absolutely AMAZING tasting! I couldn’t believe it.
Would you believe that the white is actually butter cream and not fondant!? SO smooth. Mandie was really workin’ her skills for this cake!

Next sinfully delish confection are the cookies! The Cookie Jar (Lisa Stone) made the most adorable cookie pops that have super hero comments. She also replicated the Super P logo on cookies! Pure amazingness.

A standard at most of our dessert table are the fondant toppers from Two Sugar Babies. I had the pleasure of meeting Charynn, the owner, in NYC at the Martha event last month. She is just as sweet in person! We hit it off and I just LOVE her work!
Check out the amazing Super P logo fondant toppers. The guests raved!
The beautiful cupcake wrappers are from Bella Cupcake Couture… SO FUN!
The sweetness doesn’t stop there. We had oreos with coordinating polkadots from Sweeties by Kim. They were fabulous and totally fit in w/ the color scheme and the “feel” of the table. LOVE.

Super cute “3” Lollis were from Vintage Confection. I just love how impactful simple things like big 3 shaped lollis can be!

See… a party can be what your child wants without being overly characterized/commercialized. I just love taking a new twist on traditional themes!
Pop Art Super Hero Printable Package available in the shop.

What a super sweet dessert table that was, huh?

– Event Styling, Graphic Design & Printables – Anders Ruff Custom Designs
– Photography – Becca Bond Photography

Party Props:
– Cupcake Wrappers – Bella Cupcake Couture
– Custom Capes and Masks – Kid Kapers
– Pop Art Eco Lunch Bags – Urban Harmonie Designs
– White Gable Boxes and Cello Bags – Nashville Wraps
– Label Material –
– Sign Printing – Sign Guy
– Treat Bags – The Cupcake Social
– Popcorn and CB2 Pop Art Plates – Oh Goodie Designs
– Printable Party Elements: Tags, Labels, Favors, Invites, & More – Anders Ruff Custom Designs

– Custom Cake – Got What It Cakes
– Custom Cake Pops – Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats
– Chocolate Covered Oreos – Sweeties by Kim
– Cake Pops – Dreamin N’ Details
– Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Two Sugar Babies
– Sugar Cookies – The Cookie Jar
– “3” Lollipops – Vintage Confections


The Reveal of Super P’s Party!


The Big Reveal…

We are THRILLED and excited to be featured on Hostess with the Mostess today.
Super P’s Party was SO much fun and we will be sharing the details here, too….
for now, go check out the post at Hostess Blog….


Thank you to ALL of our fabulous contributors! 


“I Heart Valentine’s Day” Collection Photo Shoot

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we wanted to repost this feature from our popular Valentine’s day Collection last year….
From January 2011… we wrote:
Well, it seems as though our “I Heart Valentine’s Day” shoot has been seen by many of you (THANK YOU to all of the featuring blogs for your support!)…. however, we still need to share it on our OWN site! Becca Bond Photography did such an awesome job, and I can’t wait to share all the photos…
This is by far one of our favorite projects that we’ve done. We included LIVE subjects this time (mostly our children ;)) to show off some fabulous clothing by MiniMooh.
That posed a whole new aspect of styling, but it was SO much fun.

This post is image heavy…

We had major inspiration to do something different for the hanging decor. The paper plate polyhedrons are SO easy to make and we were pretty excited to create something unique.
You can find the tutorial on Disney Family Fun….
We used the printable logos as hanging detail on all of the apothecary glass jars.
Cotton candy made a GREAT filler display in the tall glass jars. The cookies from Allyson Jane were strung with ribbon and hung over these fabulous glass apothecary jars…. Don’t you just LOVE the cookies!?
Here are some more of the beautiful cookies from Allyson Jane. She baked them with a hole in them so we could embellish with a ribbon. I love adding another texture to the cookies!

This cake was from a regular plain-old bakery (seriously – $8 at Target!) and we dressed it up with fancy and beautiful fondant from Sweet Petal Bakery. We love this option to decorate our own cake with professional decor/fondant!

Lollipops with the printable lollipop covers were stuck into the fun layered jello (SO easy to make!)
Patterned papers were used with heart craft punches to create this super fun garland that hung on the front of the table.

How cute and simple are these awesome fabric layered flowers….
the beauty is – they never die! 😉

Don’t you love the mini chocolate bars with the printable wrappers?
Also, the hershey kisses labels!?

These adorable lollis were from This Charming Candy
They were GREAT props for the kids, too!How cute is the dress from Mini Mooh!?
…and the bow tie on my son, Jeffrey! (Mini Mooh)

We got this chalkboard at the Dollar store near us… what a fun prop it made for the kiddos….

Printable folding labels…

The cupcakes from Cupcrazed Cakery in Baxter….
Heather does such an amazing job making the most
unique flavors of cupcakes! These were scrumptious!

We love party flags – they looked really cute on top of the paper straws (from Bake It Pretty). Drink wrap wrapped around the Jones Soda….
Here is my little Peanut (Pierson)….

Are you smiling yet?

This is funny. The first photo Becca took of (my son) Pierson and Arden was this…
… the second shot….
It just took Arden’s mom coming into the room and doing something cute to light up their faces!

Arden and Grayce showing off their MiniMooh dresses….

Here is Adria’s adorable daughter, Grayce…. so cute!

Jeffrey (Anders) and Grayce (Ruff)… best of buddies!
Playin a little xx0 😉
Jeffrey LOVED the macarons from Sparkles Kitchen.
So did Grayce!

We used the patterned papers to make these hearts that
we topped the oreo truffles with….I just love all of the patterns!
(PS. I made these oreo truffles with my cookie girls – we get together every Christmas to make cookies and this year we made these! So fun, right?!)

We included some new design accessories in this package. Favor hangtag, and a template for a box with heart closure…. and a COOTIE catcher / fortune teller…. (bringing back memories yet?)
We used the twine from The Cupcake Social to create a sweet little pom on top.

Printable valentines with a folding pocket envelope to put around the valentine…

Patterned papers, again, being used! Aren’t these little bottles so cute!?

Beautiful macarons from Sparkles Kitchen

I’ll leave you with this sweet shot….
Thank you to ALL of our fabulous contributors!
Get yours HERE….

Credits and Sources
– Styling and Printable Graphic Designs Package by Anders Ruff

– Photography by Becca Bond Photography (

Talented Contributors:
– Handmade Dresses and Bow Ties by Mini Mooh (
– Cupcakes by Cupcrazed Cakery in Baxter (
– Lollipops by This Charming Candy (
– Fondant Decor by Sweet Petal Bakery (
– Macarons by Sparkles Kitchen (
– Sugar Cookies by Allyson Jane (
– Cupcake Liners and Twine from The Cupcake Social (
– Paper Straws from Bake It Pretty (

Photo Shoot: Classic Holiday Collection

Styled Photo Shoot
The Classic Holiday Printable Design Collection

(50% off in our shop through November 30th!) Becca Bond was our fabulous photographer and she nailed it. She has such an amazing eye for photography and composition.Take a look at some of the photography Becca took of our styled dessert table.

The fun and whimsical wreaths above were from The Chic-Adee Shop on etsy. Melissa is an interior designer with a super fun blog. We just loved her style!

Melissa designed these to coordinate with our graphics and she hit it spot on. I love the POP of color that the wreaths give, especially paired with our graphics and delectable treats… Melissa is an interior designer and has the most unique and beautiful wreaths in her shop.

We were thrilled to have contributors from several “specialties” of etsy to help stock the table.

Charynn from Two Sugar Babies (on etsy) provided amazing fondant toppers. We used them for topping cupcakes and cookies. We sent her some samples of the printable designs to show her the inspiration and she delivered above and beyond what we had in mind!

The cupcake liners are from The Cupcake Social!

Amanda from Pretzels Pleaze (on etsy) provided beautiful chocolate covered pretzels
with details galore! She made several styles and flavors… YUM!
They looked so beautiful displayed on red hots! We were tempted to eat them the whole time we were setting up!

Lisa Paskin Stone from The Cookie Jar (Batches on etsy) provided picture perfect decorated sugar cookies that coordinated PERFECTLY with the style and color scheme of the collection. They look like they were meant to be together…. Beautiful craftsmanship.

Jennifer from Death By Cupcake (on etsy) provided super whimsical (and delish!) chocolate truffles. They were filled with the tastiest red velvet center! They looked so cute on the table!

Do you like the marshmallow skewers that I made? I drizzled them with red/white chocolate to look like candy canes. Popped them on top of the “hot cocoa” (was pudding in this case for staging purposes)… mmm!
Bake It Pretty provided red/white paper straws that looked amazing in our eggnog! (The next 2 photos were not Becca’s pics. These are from our camera….eek!)

Spoonful of Sugar Shop (on etsy) provided white chocolate peppermint homemade marshmallows – to die for!

We showed our backdrop 2 ways – with 3 wreaths by Chic-Adee Shop and a 2nd version with a single wreath, since either setup could work for your table. Notice how dramatic the change of the “look” of the table is when you change one focal point. I, personally, love it with the bright vibrant wreaths from Chic-Adee Shop! Keep this in mind when setting up your backdrop. The focal point can change the entire effect of the table!
We have lots more eye candy and packaging ideas. Our printable collection includes a TON of designs to help you personalize and make your holidays super special and impressive!
Food labels, food labels… so fun! We included several designed versions in the package and they can be used for other things such as gift cards, too (since we include blank as well as some pre-personalized with common holiday goodies)

Gift tags galore in this package!

Mini Candy bar wrappers – how CUTE are they!? A big impact on a little treat!The logos can be used anywhere – Cut to be square or circle!
Food labels and the circle garland from the package are must haves!
Package up some cookies and tie with raffia/ribbon and a logo and it looks beautiful!

Dress up some treat containers with the logos, too!

Everyone brings a bottle of wine to their hostess, right? I can’t tell you how many parties we go to around the holidays where we bring wine or champagne. I will be dressing my wine gifts up with these labels for sure! Plus, add the holiday hang tag to write a note at the top!

Cupcakes are so much snazzier with a fondant topper, or mix in some with logos, too for some more fun coordinating graphics! Cupcake liners from The Cupcake Social!

Gift boxes, candy jars,…..

Check out these little DIY projects that helped tie together our table – I hot glued old fashioned peppermint sticks around a low ball glass for a cute little touch to the center of the table… Candy cane votive.

The candy peppermint topiary trees were super simple to make, too!
Here I am putting the finishing touches on the project. This was a FUN one!

Don’t forget the free printable “From the Kitchen of” Labels! Adorn any treat, baked goods or dish with these labels! FREE download from our blog.

Some DIY Projects:
– Peppermint topiary tree
– Candy Cane Votive

– Chocolate covered Oreos with red drizzle
– Drizzled marshmallow swizzle sticks (for hot cocoa)

We want to give a special thanks to our fantastic contributors.
Our presentation would not have been the same without the
amazing work of the following companies:

Stunning Photography:
Becca Bond Photography

Fabulous Decor:
 Paper Straws from Bake It Pretty
Custom Wreaths from Thechicadeeshop

Cupcake Liners from The Cupcake Social

Amazingly Beautiful Desserts:
Decorated Sugar Cookies from
The Cookie Jar
Chocolate Truffles from Deathbycupcake
Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks from Pretzelspleaze
Marshmallows and Whoopee Pies from Spoonfulofsugarshop
Fondant Cupcake & Cookie Toppers from Twosugarbabies

The Classic Holiday Collection is
ON SALE 50% off
in our shop
until November 30th!

20 Pages of Printable Holiday Designs!

Adria and I had a whirlwind of a month! Late nights printing, cutting, prepping, decorating, lining trays, matting, and more! We are thrilled with how these holiday collection photo shoots turned out. Today, we are showing you the Classic Holiday collection shoot.

We know that you all are super creative and crafty and can mimic these ideas and even come up with your own ideas by using our classic holiday printable designs! We would LOVE to see what you do with our new holiday printable collections!

Introducing The Anders Ruff Custom Design Team

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About Anders Ruff
Since we started Anders Ruff at the very beginning of February (2010!), it has been a whirlwind of growth, changes, inspirations, ideas and our business has taken off quicker than we could have ever expected! (Special thanks to YOU who have been super supporters!)
We decided to make time to capture some photos of us to share with our readers and clients. Since everything we do is online it seems, you all are probably wondering who we really are behind the name! We are also excited to introduce you to our 3 additions to the team! Carrie (who you have seen us post about and heard from on blog posts), Becky and Caryn. Read on….

Becca Bond from Becca Bond Photography captured some really fun moments of us a couple weeks ago. Becca is a dream to work with. She has amazing composition skills and just an overall super talent with beautiful photography that really does reflect our true personalities!

We wrote up a bio on ourselves to give you a little background info, too!
We hope this helps you get to know us more! We love finding out about our clients and business friends through our work and are excited to share about us.

Anders Ruff

Maureen Anders

About Maureen
I was brought up in Novi, Michigan by 2 interior designer parents. I grew up surrounded by creativity and design and have always had a true passion for creating my own masterpieces. Drawing and sketching, painting and paper crafts, sewing and smocking,… the list goes on. Ever since I was a little girl, I had an obsession with paper and crafts. It was the only thing on my “wish list” to Santa every year!

Even with my art and design passion, I attended the University of Michigan College of Engineering to obtain a Bachelors in Industrial and Operations Engineering. I began my career with GE Healthcare as a Diagnostic Imaging Sales Account Manager. I met the love of my life during my sales training program, moved to North Carolina and haven’t ever looked back!

Woven in between the mathematical equations and scientific principles came design inspiration and attention to detail. More than anything else, I have always been completely fulfilled by simply designing and creating from my random daily inspirations. After I had my first son, Jeffrey, I decided that the stressful and travel filled capital sales career was not going to work.

I love staying home with my boys (Jeffrey, 5, and Pierson, 2), but have always needed a creative outlet to keep me balanced. I started a business, Posh Papier, where I designed handmade invitations and also took on large scale art projects. I loved working for myself, but always missed having a partner to bounce ideas off of, inspire eachother, and collaborate on late night projects. My dream was to meet someone with the same goals, interests and vision. When I met Adria at a random preschool open house, it just clicked and I knew it was meant to be!
From there, Anders Ruff was created. I couldn’t be more excited about what we are doing together as a team!

Adria Ruff

About Adria
I was born & raised in Lancaster, Ohio. I lived there until college – where I attended Auburn University, with a Bachelor’s of Science and studied Fashion Merchandising, Design & Product Management (specializing in Design). I met my husband in my hometown while home during Christmas break in college. We have been married for 11 years and have two daughters, Brynne (8) & Grayce (5).

My first job out of college was as a Costume Technician for a Ballet Company in Columbus, Ohio (Ballet Met). Following that position, I jumped over to the corporate world in Fashion. I worked for Limited Too for 6 1/2 years (now known as Justice) – half of that time I worked in the Technical Design dept (clothing engineering), and the other half I was a Web PDM Administrator – implementing the product data management system that they now use.

Before I had my second daughter, Grayce, I quit the corporate life. While staying at home with my daughters, I created a small photography business in my hometown. A few years later I incorporated graphic design with my photography as well as custom invitations. (all self-taught) Once I realized what could be done with graphic design, I phased out photography and devoted my spare time to graphic work. I had finally found my true passion!!!

In December, 2009 my husband’s job was uprooted, which brought us to Fort Mill, SC. The first two months we lived here, all I did was paint and decorate my house…. until one day I bumped into (and officially met) my business partner, Maureen. We hit it off immediately, and spontaneously decided to start selling graphic designs for invitations on etsy. We both had done it on our own, and knew partnering up, would be so much better!

Our design work started selling immediately, and in a blink of an eye we had created Anders Ruff Custom Designs. I still (8 months later) am like – Wow – did we really do this???

We are humbled daily by the support & encouragement we have gotten from friends, family, clients and new on-line business acquaintances!

Anders Ruff
Established February 2010
Photoshoot with Becca Bond Photography

Anders Ruff – New Team Additions…
About a month ago we brought on Carrie Kane to help us keep up with social media and marketing of our company. We shared a little info with you back then, but we are excited to share Carrie’s bio with you. Carrie has been a tremendous help to us in keeping us connected to the world and allowing us time to get involved in some really fun collaborations!

With our quick growth, we also recently hired on 2 very talented design editors! We wouldn’t be able to create as many new collections and photo shoots if we didn’t have the help of our design editors to help free up some time for us. We are so excited to introduce Caryn Johnson and Becky Jacob. They have been AMAZING to work with and we are so excited for our new team additions! (in alphabetical order, of course!)

Carrie Kane
About Carrie
I grew up in a suburb of Buffalo, New York, called Orchard Park (home of the Buffalo Bills). I attended Smith College for one year and then decided to move back to Buffalo to be closer to my family, finishing out my degree in Communication at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

I married fairly quickly and moved with my then husband to Charleston, South Carolina, where our son Bryce was born in 1999. Then, a move to Charlotte, North Carolina, followed in 2000, where I continued to stay at home with Bryce. Our second son, Simon came along in 2002, and I started to get the itch to go back to work shortly thereafter.

I have worked as an Executive Assistant for close to eight years and love what I do; however there has always been an entrepreneurial side of me that has remained unfulfilled. When I met Maureen and Adria, I knew that this was my chance to bring that entrepreneurial passion to fruition.

As the Director of Social Media and Marketing for Anders Ruff Custom Designs, I use social media and networking to try and grow our business and promote the Anders Ruff name. I remain employed full-time as an Executive Assistant; and my additional spare time is spent working the Twitterverse, so to speak, for Anders Ruff and reaching out to as many bloggers as I can to try and get our company the exposure and clout that it deserves.

I guess you could say that I wear three hats: Mother; Executive Assistant; and Director of Social Media and Marketing. There is not much time left over; however, I do love to exercise and am an avid runner.

I am really enjoying this phase of my life and look forward to growing with Anders Ruff Custom Designs!

Becky Jacob

Becky Jacob

About Becky
I was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. While attending the University of Colorado at Boulder, I spent a semester in Australia, which is where I met my wonderful husband. I returned to Australia after finishing my degree in Business Administration. While living there, I worked as a Training Consultant for a corporate training company and later as a Sales & Research Analyst for Lend Lease.

A job transfer moved us to Charlotte, NC over 4 years ago. We have 3 children and I am fortunate to be able to stay home with them. I had been doing freelance website and graphic design and was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to work with Anders Ruff Custom Designs. I have really enjoyed working with Maureen and Adria as they have such creative designs and visions. I am excited to be a part of their growing business!

Caryn Johnson
About Caryn
I’m a midwestern girl – born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin and I attended Miami of Ohio. After college, I moved to Chicago and joined the marketing team at Chicago Children’s Museum as the Corporate Events Manager. Working in events meant tons of late nights nearly every Friday and Saturday night. I worked on everything from corporate parties and fundraisers to events with Hilary Clinton and the Cartoon Network. Seeing all these fabulous events made up for the lack of sleep!

After deciding I was done trudging through the snow and shoveling out my car, I moved to Charlotte, jobless, to be closer to my now husband, Andy, who was at school in Virginia. I soon found a job working for a law firm, initially doing business development, but then was asked to head up the attorney recruitment effort – which meant planning nearly 40 events every summer to entertain the law students. I was in my element!

After having my first daughter, Elyse, almost 6, I began working from home. When I had my second daughter, Lauren, 3, I quit to be a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Elyse began kindergarten and Lauren finally started preschool and suddenly, for the first time in nearly 6 years, I had some free time. I had always been amazed by Maureen and Adria’s work and they were sweet enough to train me and bring me on board as a Design Editor for them. It was impeccable timing! I feel SO fortunate and love “meeting” every client by working on their invitations!

We LOVE the new additions to our team!

Some fun outtakes from our morning with Becca Bond…

A HUGE special thanks to Becca Bond Photography!
Check out Becca’s beautiful photography at
and find her on facebook, too!

We are so thankful for our clients and fans who have allowed us to grow and do what we love.

Layla Grayce Feature on Anders Ruff’s New Fall Harvest/Thanksgiving Photoshoot!!!

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SURPRISE Fall Harvest Printable Design Collection and
Styled Photo Shoot featured on Layla Grayce today!

Adria and I have been speaking with Layla Grayce (the superbly beautiful online store that is stocked full with amazing products) over the past couple weeks and finally determined that we would be designing and styling an entire Fall Harvest/Thanksgiving to release as first press to Layla Grayce. We pulled it all together in about 5 days, and had our talented photographer, Becca Bond, shoot the set this Sunday. (Thank you, Becca!)

Head over to Layla Grayce to see the whole fall harvest/thanksgiving shoot.
We are so honored to be featured on such a beautiful site!

The details were super intense and we spent hours upon hours designing, prepping, staging, styling, BAKING (everything was made homemade by yours truly and Adria!) There were several 3 am nights and we are ready to rest back up and enjoy this amazing opportunity to be posted on Layla Grayce.

We wrote up tons of tips and tricks to orchestrate a perfect and unique fall harvest dinner party or Thanksgiving feast that will leave lasting memories.

Can’t wait to hear what you think! Layla Grayce is also hosting a giveaway today for a set of the printable design collection as well as a customized invitation to coordinate! Enter at their blog for your chance to win today!

The Fall Harvest Printable Design Collection is available for
50% off through November 1st
in the shop!
33 Formatted Pages of goodness perfect for Fall and Thanksgiving!

Coordinating Customized Thanksgiving Feast Invitation also available in the shop!

Maureen and Adria

Special Thanks to Layla Grayce, Becca Bond Photography and our right hand lady, Carrie!

Sneak Peak: Christmas Collections from our Studio

Maureen & I had an exciting morning today working with the lovely & talented Becca Bond!

We stayed up until 3:30am last night getting ready for our Double Christmas Collections photo shoot… (please excuse my lack of creativity for this entry…
I am more than tired, to say the least!)

We will share Becca’s fabulous photography once it is ready, but in the meantime,
check out a few sneak peaks!

Here is Becca, hard at work!

We styled two Christmas Collections:
* Classic Holiday Collection – the traditional reds & greens we all know and love!
Maureen putting the finishing touches on the classic dessert table…

The second photoscape was for our:
* Vintage Holiday Collection – festive red & lime green with accents of pink & blue!
Adria lining up everything perfectly for the shoot!

Our Holiday Collections are now 50% off -buy them now at this discounted price through October 15!

Sneak Peek-Maureen and Adria Strike a Pose

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Adria and I have been talking about how we need to get professional pics taken of us together because so many of you have been asking “who is who”. We only have a few photos of us together, so we figured that this was the time to do it!
We had the pleasure of working with Becca Bond Photography to capture some real moments with Adria and myself. Becca was AMAZING to work with. She really had some creative ideas and was such a sweetheart. We had FUN! You should check out Becca Bond on facebook, too!
Here are some sneak peeks. I am the conservative one (I joked that I look like a librarian compared to Adria) and Adria is definitely the rocker chic, as Becca called her. So funny!

Here is Adria’s headshot in serious mode. Note – you probably won’t ever see her with this expression – she is always smiling or doing something crazy!

Here I am….

Love this shot of us on the steps downtown…
Like our name banners? Adria loved these stair shots….

Stringing up an “Anders Ruff” banner… it was a WINDY day!


Maureen and Adria…..

More to come! Thanks, Becca! You did an amazing job capturing our real personalities!
Photography by Becca Bond Photography
“Like” Becca Bond Photography on facebook