Ruff Draft: The “How To” of Printables – Featuring our Bridesmaids Collection

Over the last week, we have been featuring our latest  Bridesmaids themed Parisian “Girls Night In” photo shoot for the launch of Bridesmaids (the movie) exclusively at Target.  (9.20.11!)
We get a lot of questions on how to use our printable packages.  While we do include a full set of instructions with all of our printable packages, we know that “show and tell” is sometimes more helpful!
Today we want to show you how to use some of our Bridesmaids Printable Files.  This 33 page set of Parisian themed printable graphic designs will be available for free download with an access code and url that is inside Bridesmaids the movie (DVD and Blu-Ray) exclusively at Target.
We chose a select few printable pages from the collection to print/cut and assemble.  We include recommendations for paper types as well.
Printable Files on Paper

Printable Files on Paper

To begin with, we start by printing the files from your home computer or local printer.

Printing Mediums: We like to use photopaper to print the majority of our pages because it gives a professional look, the color is really saturated and beautiful.  Also, it is waterproof!
When we need an adhesive backing, we use glossy inkjet labels.  (Full sheet 8.5×11 of label paper).  It looks just like the photopaper but it sticks!

2″ Party Logos:
We are going to start with the 2″ party logos.  We recommend using 2″ hand-lever craft punches for circles and scallops.  For straight edges, we use paper trimmers.

Cutting Party Logos

Cutting Party Logos

A tip when using punches, is to turn the punch upside down so you can center your circle on the square logo correctly.

Cut Party Logos

Cut Party Logos

Square logos can be used for on several items to embellish party details.  Sometimes we use them to make hang-tags (see below).

They can be printed on 8.5″ x 11″ label paper for stickers as well (we love .  You can also tape them onto favor treats/favors, containers and more.

Square Party Logos

Square Party Logos

To make a hang-tag, use a small hole punch, and tie on ribbon.  So cute and versatile!

Next we want to show you how to make a couple different cupcake toppers.

You can use either lollipop sticks, tooth picks or even wooden skewers if you need some height!

Take your chosen stick, and punched party logo and tape together – it’s a piece of cake!

Cupcake Topper with Scallop Punch

Cupcake Topper with Scallop Punch

You can also make a fancier version of cupcake toppers – You will need to make a fan ruffle (you can review how to make the fan ruffle here)
Select one of your punched party logos, and tape together with selected stick.
Cupcake Topper with Ruffle

Cupcake Topper with Ruffle

See below for our Bridesmaids version….  (we used a Ruffle Cupcake Topper and also taped on a Flat Party Label to give it extra embellishments)

(Bridesmaids Photography by Becca Bond Photography)

Bridesmaids Cupcake Topper

Bridesmaids Cupcake Topper

To make our Girls Night Banner, we used the fan ruffle effect, just on a larger scale (with tissue paper).

We print the pages on photopaper, cut out each letter and taped that scalloped frame to each ruffle.  We cut slits on each (left/right) side of every letter, and then strung fishing line through the letters.

Bridesmaid Banner with Ruffle

Bridesmaid Banner with Ruffle

Flat Party Labels:  Once you print your page (on either cardstock, photopaper or label sheets), you will need to hand-cut along the dotted lines with scissors.  We chose to use photopaper for this project.

You can simply tape them on or you can use ribbon to tie them onto bottles, decanters, and more.

To use ribbon, we carefully slice top and bottom of the label with an exacto knife.

Flat Party Labels

Flat Party Labels

Once slices are made, insert ribbon through the top slit, and then push back through the bottom slit.

Once ribbon is placed, trim ribbon edges.

Flat Party Labels with Ribbon

Flat Party Labels with Ribbon

If you want to do a simpler version, just tape them on to the ribbon – it works just as well!

Bridesmaid Flat Party Labels on Bottles

Bridesmaid Flat Party Labels on Bottles

Drink Wraps:  Print the sheets on 8.5×11 label paper or photopaper.  Some people print on cardstock, and that is fine but we recommend using a laser jet printer to ensure no ink bleed.  First you will want to cut them with a paper trimmer or hand-cut with scissors.

Next peel off your water bottle label or soda bottle label (note if using soda bottles, soak in hot soapy water to remove labels easily).

Once labels are removed, simply tape on – again, we use water-proof photo paper.  (You can use other types of paper, and laser printers work best to prevent water runs if printing on non-waterproof paper)

Drink Wraps on Water Bottles

Drink Wraps on Water Bottles

See below for Bridesmaids drink wraps on pink lemonade bottles.

Bridesmaid Drink Wraps

Bridesmaid Drink Wraps

The fun thing about our designs is that they really are quite versatile if you want to get creative.

For instance, you can use the drink wrap as a napkin wrap.  Choose your napkin & silverware… trim your drink wrap label…. and tape together in the back.  You can use these for cylindrical containers, condiment containers and more!

Drink Wraps used as Napkin Wraps

Drink Wraps used as Napkin Wraps

Party Flags: These are always a great accent.  They can be used as toothpick toppers (the most common use), but they can be turned into other accents as well.  We used them for wine glass embellishments, and also for lipgloss tags.

Once you print & cut them out (on photo paper or 8.5″x11″ full sheets of unscored label paper), you can stick them together with double-sided tape or use the adhesive backing.  Using label paper is sometimes a little tricky to line up the two sides of the flag to close shut, but that works as well.

Party Flags

Party Flags

See below to see the Bridesmaids wine glass tag, wine label, and lip gloss labels.  (We used our fan ruffle cupcake topper as a wine embellishment as well)

Bridesmaid Party Flags, Wine Wrap and Party Logo

Bridesmaid Party Flags, Wine Wrap and Party Logo

Lip gloss provided by E.L.F. Cosmetics.

Bridesmaid Lipgloss Party Flag

Bridesmaid Lipgloss Party Flag


If you see anything displayed from our Bridesmaids themed Parisian Girls Night In photo shoot, and want to know how we did it, please leave us a comment.

We want our printables to be an easy, but MUST-HAVE accessory when hosting any special event.

Was this helpful?  Leave us a comment below!

Stay tuned for more fun Bridesmaids details coming soon.

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21 Responses to “Ruff Draft: The “How To” of Printables – Featuring our Bridesmaids Collection”
  1. Chaukeisia says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. It was very helpful and I love the printables. I cannot wait until the movie comes out so I can host me a girls night

  2. Rebecca says:

    What a great post! I love the creativity! Do you have similar things for children birthday parties?

  3. lisa fogarty says:

    I am so excited… to do this party…

  4. Melonie says:

    Thanks so much for this post. I can’t wait until I can use this for a party. Can you also tell me where I can purchase the holders used for the popcorn and the polka dot bowls. Thanks Again

  5. Margaret says:

    Will this collection be available at your shop? Unfortunately I will not be able to buy the DVD at Target for the free download code as I do no live in the USA.
    It is lovely and I would like to purchase it!

  6. Marta Zeng says:

    Excellent post and tips! Definitely helpful! Thank you so much for showing this…

  7. Liz says:

    GREAT tutorial!

  8. Lei Lei says:

    Thank you so much for this! It looks amazing and I am excited!

  9. Kenya says:

    Thanks for the tips. I can’t wait to have a party now.

  10. Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. Amalia says:

    i love it! this is so what i was looking for! thank you for sharing!

  12. Stacy Bissell says:

    I recently signed up for your newsletter/email updates. Today’s feature showcased a Bridesmaid-inspired girls night in party. I linked back to your site and found all the party details, however, the “limited edition” DVD is no longer available through Target. Do you offer that party pack through your site now? In advance, thank you.

  13. nicole says:

    this was probably one of the best tutorials i’ve seen – SO USEFUL!!!!! i’m obsessed with all things anders ruff and can’t to continue learning so much more from you. can you please do post on creative table covers (w/ general sizing) and back drops? war eagle!!!

  14. Sarah Royce says:

    These are absolutely adorable.

  15. Michelle Howard says:

    I adore this idea!! I bought the blueray/dvd pack at Target and there is not a paper in it for the printables. How can I get them? I’m doing this for my Bunco in a few weeks. Thanks for the awesome inspiration!


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