Cupcrazed Wins Cupcake Wars!!!

We have a local celebrity that we want to share with you today!!! (in Maureen’s neighborhood!)

Owner Heather McDonnell of the Cupcrazed Cupcake Bar (in Baxter Village – Fort Mill, SC), participated in the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars earlier this year.

This past Tuesday night, the Food Network aired her episode (Southern themed with Jeanette McCurdy – iCarly) and she celebrated her victory at a viewing party in our local downtown pub.

We had the pleasure of designing a printable party collection for her BIG WIN!!!!

When Heather contacted us to design her party, she said she wanted her cupcake logo as the main design with the iconic Cupcake Wars tank attached.  She wanted her black/red colors highlighted as well.  Cute, right?

Heather baked all four cupcake flavors that she competed with on Cupcake Wars:  Shrimp Creole, Hummingbird, Sweat Tea, and Cookies and Cream.  She baked enough for her viewing party VIP’s as well as for the rest of the restaurant to taste… so FABULOUS.  – I have to say…. my favorite was the Shrimp Creole (and trust me when I say I tried them ALL)

She also put out her cake pops to sample …. YUM!

Look how sweet, Heather (right) and her assistant (and sister-in-law, left) Debbie are…. what a fun team they make!

Heather & DebbieWe came down early and set up Heather’s cupcake bar…. we used crepe paper ruffles, a “Cupcrazed War!” banner, party logos, drink wraps and party flags to accent the table.

Dessert Table


up close shots

Her infamous Shrimp Creole cupcakes are below (if you saw the episode, they were explosive… no pun intended) :)

up close shots 2

Heather was adorable on the show, and was/is as sweet as could be in person…. “Sweetness always wins!”

party sign

Here are some cute clips from the episode…. there were tv’s all over the room for all to see!

tv show

We had such a great time with Heather…. she was so modest, yet so excited about her success.  I can’t even imagine what good things will come from this.

party crazy


XO – Adria & Maureen

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5 Responses to “Cupcrazed Wins Cupcake Wars!!!”
  1. Ashley says:

    super cute and cool. i love cupcakes.

  2. You girls are amazing, wonderful, and wicked creative! Thank you so much for everything!!! Everyone LOVED what you made for the party and how you set it all up~ incredible doesn’t begin to describe it!!! xxoo
    Heather & Deb (the firestarter)

  3. mandie says:

    Congrats to Heather and her team! And as always, I love the Anders Ruff design!

  4. Yay! Huge congratulations Heather! It was such a great show. A very well-deserved win. Anders-Ruff: Lovely display ladies!


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